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Our Services

24/7 storm damage

No matter the time of day ,you can contact us for our emergency tree services .When the storm hits ,our 24/7 storm emergency services will be there to help you.Whether you need clean up after a heavy storm or you simply need routine tree care maintenance you can count on us.

Tree pruning

Pruning back overgrowth lightens the load on over-branches and reduces windsail,Greatly improving the tree's safety risk,While leaving valuable shade.Pruning and thinning tree maintenance prolongs  a tree lifespan too,since we're shaping the trees in  ways that allow new and future growth to occur in the right places and in proper directions,improving the capacity for greater  natural growth.When you need professional pruning in the Tulsa ok area ,look no further than the experts at Tony's tree service .Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the appearance and health of your trees. 

Tree trimming

Is an important and often overlooked necessity in landscape maintenance.Thinning removes unwanted excess branch growth,deadwood, and debris removing a favored breeding ground for boring beetles and insects that damage and kill trees.

Tulsa tree removal

when we talk about property maintenance ,Trees are a large part of that conversation.And sometimes,Trees need to be removed.There are many reasons for this like preventing property damage due to branches or roots, Problems with pest or disease,or if the tree is endangering other  plants or flowers in your green space.However professionals recommend removing limbs or entire tree only if it has benefits.If done correctly,tree removal can help enhance the curb appeal and overall of your property.

At Tony's Tree Service we are dedicated to offer the right price,for the right project,for the right result.Our Tree service include:Tree trimming,Tree removal,Tree pruning,Tree topping,Hedge Trimming,and More.It's our work ethics of quality work and our strong relationship we maintain with our clients in Tulsa and surroundings  that makes Tony's Tree Service a unique one of a kind experience that will deliver above and beyond expectations!

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